The consortium presented the results of the 3.5 year long project in front of the advisory committee end of August, 2016. The evaluation was very positive. Prof. Dr. A. Weckenmann, head of the advisory committee, summarized it as follows:

...that is the outstanding result of the project: A correctly running innovative measurement platform for in-line testing in production of mechanical parts with structures in micro-/nano range.

Interested industrial stakeholders and members of the advisory board of aim4np gathered on Friday August 26, 2016 at TU Vienna for a dissemination and exploitation workshop. Representatives of the consortium presented the main technological results and participants could attend a life demonstration of the instrument and the newly developed calibration process for nanomechanical metrology. The lab-session was concluded with a round-table discussion about application opportunities of this new technology. Bilateral meetings closed the day.
Since July 1, 2016, our partner is incorporated in the Joanneum Research Society. The same partners as before continued their work in our consortium.
In July 2016 consortium members gathered at the TU Vienna to conduct first experiments with the new instrument. Collaborators of TU Vienna had tested and integrated all the different components of the aim4np-instrument. After they had successfully operated the new metrology tool on standard test samples, it was time to conduct first experiments on representative samples from the production of plastic injection moulding and organic solar cells. Members of the validation work package hold a 2 days workshop in the laboratory of the TU Vienna to conduct these important experiments. During these measurements, artificial disturbances were introduced by means of a shaker to emulate the annoyances to be expected in an industrial production line. The conclusion of the workshop was that we are ready to show our accomplishments to a wider range of stakeholders later this summer during a special dissemination and exploitation workshop.
The project consortium was prominently present at this year’s Industrial Technology Conference in Amsterdam, June 22-24, 2016. We had contributed 8 posters and one oral presentation to disseminate our research results. Moreover, we showcased our instrument and other results at a booth in the exhibition area. We are proud that this booth was selected as one of the highlights for the official delegation visiting the exhibition and demonstration forum. This event is documented in a flickr album (https://www.flickr.com/ The photo shows His Royal Highness, Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands taking a picture of our instrument during the tour. On his right in the foreground J. Wesseling, Director Innovation and Knowledge (Netherlands) and Deputy Director P. Child of the DG RTD Research and Innovation of the EU. On his left U. Staufer, scientific coordinator of the aim4np project.



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