aim4np presents results at Industrial technology conference in Athens, April 2014

 aim4np will present first results of its research during the conference 'Industrial Technology 2014’ in Athens (April 9-11, 2014). Link: www.industrialtechnologies2014.eu


First project meeting

The first project meeting after the kick off was held during 22 and 23 October 2013 in Delft, the Netherlands with participation of the Project Technical Assistant. Progress up to October has been discussed and actions to M12 have been planned.

Kick off meeting of aim4np

On 3 and 4 April 2013 the project was kicked off with a high level meeting of project partners, Advisory Board members and the Project technical Assistant to the Commission. The meeting was held in Vienna, Austria and hosted by partner TU Wien. The date was chosen to address the first results of the project, centered around milestone 1 which was due after a month.

The first day was organized around technical progress and planning for the first year activities. The second day was dedicated to management, dissemination, formation of the Steering Committee and first decision taking.

First Milestone reached

We are proud to announce having reached our first milestone only three months into the project. Important design decisions were taken at this milestone based on experimental investigations of the environmental conditions in which the metrology platform will have to be operated. As key elements, we had established the vibrational spectra, temperature and humidity variations at the production site of the end-user partner. These parameters quantitatively define the interferences with which the metrology platform will have to cope. Together with preliminary, application driven tolerance requirements on the measurement data they will drive the design solution, which we will investigate during the reminder of the first year.



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