Project description

Production technology is on the verge of a profound change by entering the nanometre domain. In-line metrology at this scale is a pre-requisite for reliability, high yield and throughput. The aim4np project will enable for the first time to measure relevant nanomechanical properties of devices and fabrication tools directly in the production line.


The fundamental objective towards which the overall strategy is defined consists on establishing the primary competence needed for conducting the nanomechanical measurements in a production environment. This objective incorporates the need for new instrumental developments and innovation, and generation of new knowledge about the link between nanomechanical properties and functionality of surfaces. In addition, the development of the instrument will include critical activities focused on making the measurements traceable to international standards and to achieve the required throughput or ‘short time to data’ needed in industrial applications.


The project is organized in 6 scientific work packages [WP]:

WP 2 deals with the Metrology Platform, WP 3 with the Metrology Heads, WP 4 with the Systems Integration, WP 5 with the Traceability of the measurements, WP6 investigates the Knowledge-based Functionality, and in WP 7 we validate the concept.


The WPs form three synchronized strands, which run in parallel. The instrumentation research is on the time critical path of the project, and is conducted in WP 2, 3 and 4.


The consortium is coordinated by TU Delft and is composed of 4 SME and two large company partners, and knowledge providers from 2 universities and 2 public research centres. They have complementary competences in three different fields of instrumentation, in-line metrology, standardization and traceable measurements, and in two different application fields of thin-film technology. This diversity helps to significantly spread the impact of aim4np over many domains. Together with an advisory board and the Commission, the project team is confident to reach its aim in 3,5 years time.






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